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Testimonials from a recent 1/2 day program for Administrative Professionals:
"Rick Allen was very engaging with good audience participation. Rick was a very motivational speaker and was able to keep the group's attention--very involved."

"Rick Allen was good, appreciated the humor he added to his presentation."

"Rick Allen --wonderful presenter, kept audience engaged, entertained and educated."

"Rick was great! full of info, energy, etc. I would listen to him time after time."

A Corporate Testimonial:
"Entertaining... yet with a clear positive and strong message that cannot be taken lightly. A refreshing breeze needed in most corporations, small and large."

Rhamzi Rihani
Senior Director, Options for Senior America Corporation

A Presentation to Rick Allen from the DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
"For his thought provoking lessons in group interaction and team building. As we endeavor to move the National Capital Region-Directorate of Information management ahead to meet the challenges before us we will need to incorporate and apply the lessons you gave us in order to work together and accomplish our goals. Thank you for your insight and assistance in making our organization better than before."

Dennis S. Joyner - National Capital Region
Director of Information Management

At the Miami Valley Gerontology Conference there were about 300 health care workers, management, and office personnel in attendance for Rick's Keynote speech in the morning and then he had a breakout workshop in the afternoon. Here are a few quotes from their evaluations:
  • "I have seen many speakers. This one kept my attention thru humor & audience involvement, he made me laugh alot."
  • "Wonderful Speaker"
  • "Enjoyed Rick he is a good motivator."
  • "Loved the format"
  • "This was great. Rick gave some great methods to help build a strong team player."
  • "Energetic and Positive"
  • "Very creative and innovative. Keeps the interest and attention, props were great."
  • "Wonderful! Vivacious"
  • "Very Creative, great audience participation."
  • "I thought Rick was a breath of fresh air! If we can't find humor in some of our situations, how can we deal with them?"
  • "Humor & Laughter is good for health and soul."
  • "Energetic and Entertaining"
  • "Very innovative in presenting."
  • "Loved his hats"
  • "He's great. Good points and was able to convey them with humor."
  • "Excellent speaker, laughed too much -- GREAT!"
  • "The participation & motivation was awesome!"
  • "Very, very good presenter -- much better approach than a boring lecture."

"I wanted to take the time to send a brief note thanking you for your inspired presentation at our recent Management Conference in Bethany Beach. The wisdom you shared with our management staff with such enthusiasm was informative, timely and entertaining.

You gave us the tools to employ positively and banish negativity in the workplace, and empowered us to build on the foundation of teamwork. You made four hours speed by like four minutes and left everyone eager for more. Thanks again, for helping us close or Conference in such an upbeat, positive manner."

Irene E. Gianesses - Regional Human Resource Director - Mediacom

"Rick Allen's lively, interactive presentation caused us to look inward and focus on those things that we need to improve. While using humor, he helped us to discover how self-reflection is the key to improving our self-image."

Cheryl Stringer - Regional Director - Penn State Alumni Association

Comments From The Penn State Seminar Participants:
  • "Excellent speaker, educator and entertainer. Motivational!"
  • "Good presenter; time flew by; good the way he incorporated specific info about us in the program."
  • "Entertaining!"
  • "Very creative, upbeat and positive."
  • "He provides a great opportunity to network with colleagues."
  • "FUN!"
  • "The information was all very valuable and served as a remindr not to take ourselves so seriously as well as giving others the right to be themselves."
  • "Helped to identify traits in us which sometimes are counter-productive professionally and personally."
  • "Great in that he caused you to really look inside and realize there are reasons why we act the way we do. I appreciated the introspective presentation."

"Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to present for us last week. You did a great job and we sure will be seeing you in the near future!"

cLinda Critelli - Project Coordinator, Bristol-Meyers-Squibb

2nd Visit -- "I'm very, very pleased to write that the response has been extremely favorable... It is very positive feedback... So you certainly made an impact! Thanks for all the hard work and the fun you delivered.

Linda Critelli, Project Co-coordinator, Bristol-Meyers Squibb

"Rick Allen is the original hairless hatman who will make you laugh, cry, think and decide to make your life infinitely better, NOW."

Mark Victor Hansen, #1 New York Times best-selling author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul"

"It's rare to see an audience that is paying such close attention to a speaker and yours certainly did at our Annual Trade Show. While we never knew what to expect next, and often were on the edge of our seats, you more than delivered the message that we were looking for."

Jon C. Burrell - Executive Director - LGIT / MSAE (Society of Association Executives)

"I am truly grateful that I chose to be a part of your seminar. I gained both personally and professionally and the time was very well spent. Corroborating my sentiments is a composite of the seminar evaluations received from participants. One individual said, 'Just what I needed to start off the New Year!' I am in total agreement...the special touches you incorporated into the seminar were great.

The 'TAA Rap" and "We Will Rent You" are examples of your vast creativity and ability to tailor your presentation for your specific audience...Rick thank you for a meaningful and rewarding seminar. I have no doubt that each individual left with a nugget of knowledge or self-reflection that they will always remember."

Kathy A. Powell, CAE; Executive Director TAA

"Rick's exceptional customizing ability was ideal for our meeting. He did his Heads Up in two parts which wrapped around my Interdisciplinary Therapy slide presentation. His humor, enthusiasm and informative content gave the spark needed to make the event memorable. The perfect culmination was an original song Rick wrote for us, which was inspirational and hit everyone's hearts and funnybones. Heads Up... a smashing success."

Stewart Perim, D.D.S., M.S.

"Thank you very much for serving as moderator and announcer at the International Meetings and incentives Conference held in Costa Rica. Your sense of humor and efforts contributed greatly to the success of the conference. The evaluation forms showed an overwhelmingly positive reaction."

Andrea Sigler, PhD, CICM, President

"Rick Allen was an inspiring and entertaining co-host and presenter on our Greek Isles Seminar at sea. His presence played a big part in the warmth and bonding experienced by participants as he shared his wisdom from his heart and soul."

Dianne Billings, President, Dreamtime Cruises and Tours, Inc.

"The GSA [Government Services Administration] Conference was a Real Winner! Rick Allen was the only outside speaker the government brought in for a 2 hour Heads Up Event. His subject was Moving On -- Leaving the Past Behind, and we had fun getting ready for change!"
"Rick Allen is a breath of fresh air... an awesome individual who makes you think about life, your impact on the world and what you can do to make your immediate world a better place for all."

Patricia Dougherty, Media Specialist, Montgomery County, MD School District

"We were very fortunate to have Rick Allen as our guest speaker for Maryland Society of Association Executives-Showcase Maryland. Rick's truly innovative and creative skills kept the audience in tune. I've been to plenty of seminars in the past and found that Rick Allen's HEADS UP program is definitely on top. Rick Makes you think outside the box and develop new ideas not only to your work environment, but to daily situations."

Jeff Gassaway, Co-chair; Showcase Maryland

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