Are You Being Good To Yourself?
We can be our best friend or worst enemy. What do we say to ourselves in the mirror? It's how we talk to ourselves... How much do we laugh, listen to music, sing? This process causes a chemical reaction inside -- produces endorphins which are natural pain killers. When we do this, we feel good right now -- We're not thinking about the past or the future, simply enjoying this moment. That's life, a bunch of little moments all strung together.

Bad Hair Day -- No Way!
I never have a bad hair day.. you have a hair do (dew), I have a hair don't. I don't cut it, comb it, shampoo it... it's easy... I want to make it easy on myself... I want to eliminate problems and find a balance in life. We're here to learn, grow and HAVE FUN doing it. My personal creed is LIFE IS ATTITUDE, KNOWLEDGE IS UNDERSTANDING, and LEARNING IS YOUR REWARD. I live by it and make life an adventure. Each moment is an opportunity to do just that. Then embrace your individual spirit and transfer it to the world.

You're Sum-Body
You are the sum of everything you've been exposed to until now. We tend to want to make someone else responsible for our life. We sometimes search the world to "find ourselves." Everything we need is right inside, we just have to have the courage to look. You can develop a new awareness through self-discovery.

Be A Private "I"
Look inside your own head and take responsibility. Even when working with others, the foundation is each individual in the team. If they don't have the strength inside themselves, how can they support anyone else? Each individual must have a healthy self-concept. To realize your personal integrity and committment to your goals. A healthy relationship is a well connected chain. In a chain, there are no weak LINKS, only weak THINKS! We are our thoughts and thoughts can change!

Understand Our "Meat Suits"
We are all human with human issues. We tend to react from our emotions first. Not everything makes sense or is logical like Mr. Spock. We share these needs and feelings with everyone. it's okay to make mistakes... that's how we learn. This will spurn more creativity into possibility. When we realize this common thread, we can be better to ourselves and we can help each other meet our ever-changing needs. Remember each of us is a H.I.T. (Human in Training)

Engineer Change
I'm a Creative Engineer and I feel there's always a creative solution to anything. Our bodies change every second. What about our minds? We can think 90,000 thoughts a day -- 95% are the same as the day before. Change is Fear and out of our comfort zone. You don't have to make drastic moves... just change your perception of the events. If we change our perception, and become more aware, then we think differently and magic happens!

Move Your "Mouse"
It's time to re-program. What holds us back from our full potential is our past programming. The only way to make room for more info, is to delete old programming. We only have so much memory in your HARD DRIVE or HARD "HEAD" DRIVE. Re-sort to all measures. Anticipate change and get ready for more.

Baby Boom
We're just little children running around in big bodies. Most of us live in fear. Fear of the past, future, of not having enough. lack of money, love from family. Our self esteem is hurt and we spend our whole life defending our egos. We want to be right because we think it's real security. But is it really good for us?

Complain Jane and Sorry Sam
We allow outside influences like the media and other people to control us. They tell us how we should think, feel, dress. They are ENERGY CONSUMERS and steal it from us, if we let them. They complain and want you to feel sorry for them. They want that power and control that feeds their ego and makes them feel important. Only if you give it to them! Remember they are doing the best they can. It's good to have compassion but you don't have to let it affect you adversely.

Give Yourself A Hearing -- Achieve Balance and Find Passion
In home and work life we need to stop, listen, give ourselves a hearing and weigh out each decision. We can also give ourselves a hearing as in listen to ourselves. Is it Healthy? What's the worst that can happen? It will always be wonderful because we can learn from it. Stop... and play the role of an observer. Try ACTing instead of REacting. We have a great capacity to give, care, share and really make a difference starting right now. Only we can limit ourselves. Embrace this spirit of opportunity to move forward and meet these challenges.

Are You Fooling Yourself? Is It Positive Thinking Or Wishful Thinking?
Have an attitude for grattitude for what we have right now. The grass may be greener on the other side of the hill, but we still have to mow it. Enjoy each moment with the knowledge that we are building the future with each thought, each kind word, each new idea. Not in fear of it but in respect of it's mystery and your destiny. It is more the improbably journey to the goal than the goal itself. Seek out the desire to see what's possible and then go for it!

Creative Solutions
This is extra interaction! We'll take questions from the audience on anything that needs an answer. There can be some real surprises as the intuitive senses always come alive for some amazing results. Another popular group participation segment is "ATTACHMENT TIME" when we "pin" down the stuff that holds us back from our true potential.

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