These programs can be individual keynotes or combined for specialized seminars. They are all customized for your specific goals.

1. OUR WORLD ROCKS... we need to ROLL!
C.H.A.N.G.E. (Can Help Accept New Growing Experiences) -Unforunately, change is not a natural process. We are trained by society and the media to to rely on external forces for our happiness and if those devices are not present than we lack what we need for success and joy.

Rick will show you that road blocks need not be stumbling blocks but building blocks, if we learn how to use the tools of change. First you'll see how we got where we are today and why we all resist change. We'll then learn to understand our human-ness and be more compassionate to ourselves first then to everyone else. See how to change our perception of everyday events to handle stress and problems in an entire new way... to shift our internal focus to be more positive and productive in all areas of life.

Rick handles some of the more delicate subjects in a light hearted, uplifting way. After all, we are only here on a visit and we might take all this a bit to seriously anyway. So let's learn to roll with the punches a little more when life rocks us with a jolt!

2. "Mind" Your Own Business!
A remarkable staff starts with remakeable people. You are only as good as the people around you. The smart manager is surrounded by good people. First you must equip your staff with the "tools of change." Rick combines the tools of his trade with your company knowledge and goals for the future to customize a results-oriented event. Even a team "building" program will not be strong if the foundation is shaky. The foundation is each individual in the team.

If they don't have thr strength inside themselves, how can they support anyone else? Each individual must have their own healthy self concept, with self-respect and gratitude towards a genuine self-love. In a well-connected chain we don't want a weak link. There are no weak links -- only weak thinks. We are our thoughts and thoughts can change. See how a realization of increased personal self-worth and integrity leads to a greater commitment, the ultimate goal being a true passion for one's work. You know you have PERSONALITY but what about INTENTIONALITY? This could be your missing link to lasting, meaningful relationships in both your personal and professional life. Learn how you may be getting into your own way towards peace and prosperity. See how to make the right moves to desired wealth and happiness. Change is good and, remember, the grass might be greener on the other side, but you still have to mow it!

One of our major concerns in everyday home and work relationships, is trying to understand what someone is saying. When we speak, give or receive feedback, we naturally re-act. These reactions are emotionally based and many times don't include a solution to a situation, rather a "how does this effect me" reaction.

Rick will get through the reasons why we behave this way and then show you how to be an ACTOR instead of a RE-ACTOR, to gain a new awareness of how we perceive ourselves and others... to listen more effectively and re-spond in a more responsible way. Also, "E" technology can lead to "E-scuses" for following up and making sure the ideas are communicated properly. Through thought provoking mirroring techniques, and other fun and effective group activities, your team will come out knowing that communication is like commuting in your car. When you're at a toll both, you get a receipt to be accountable for the money you gave. This "accountability" will lead to a greater sense of self and overall increased productivity.

It's estimated that 17 million people have Attention Deficit Disorder in this country, according to Dr. Amen, the leading expert on the subject(you may have seen him on PBS). I'm one of them. It's the single most common learning problem in children and one of the most common problems with adults. You or someone you know could have some form of ADD and not even be aware. Their brains have either suffered injury or were already affected before birth. Many of these people have problems that lead to job failures, relationship breakups, loneliness, drug abuse and a tremendous sense of underachievement. You may have experienced difficulties on the job or at home with ADD people and not been aware. As frustrating as it may be for you to get along with these ADDers, just think what they're going through, especially if they don't even know what they have or how to fix it! Well, I know what it is and how to fix it first hand. Remember, it all gets back to knowledge and awareness. Once you're equipped with the tools of knowledge, you can fix yourself, either treating ADD, or treating the ADD person and yourself with more understanding and compassion.

When I was a kid we were just B-A-D, they didn't know from A-D-D. I had so much energy, and I wanted to get attention and talk, talk, talk! (little did I know I was preparing for my future occupation) However, many kids with ADD have problems in school, social situations and at home, which can lead to drugs, crime, even a shortened life. It's like the wiring in their brains is not making all the right connections and they try to compensate in other ways. When I was a child, I had the ability to use my imagination to take me away from the things I couldn't deal with. Necessity is the mother of invention. This creativity is a positive!

Do you know that 80%-90% of health, fitness and weight control is NUTRITION? Many of us have difficulties functioning due to fatigue, depression, brain fog and physical pain. One of the last places places we look is in our stomachs and it should be the first. Through proper nutrition, many common and not so common problems can be remedied. Hippocrates once said, " let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food." Again, if we give ourselves the right tools, we can fix ourselves. In this country it's SAD-it's the Sick Amercian Diet and you can see the disease and obesity on the increase. Someone's entire life can turn right around with the right food choices. I have done it in a way that many Americans are unaware of and it was really easy!

Good health is a joke! Even Mr. Science says, "A chuckle a day keeps the doctor away." Learn to protect yourself from social dis•ease and keep emotions from causing commotions. Even Plato in 4 B.C. said "All the diseases of the body, proceed from the mind." Turn a bump or a bruise into an antidote you can use. Turn Adversity into prosperity, Make it easy, turn the daily grind into a daily find. We're here to learn, grow and enjoy... did you forget!?

See how to be good to yourself and put more "I" into L-I-F-E!

Rick's inventive use of props, hats, music and pre-recorded sound makes the presentation enjoyable. These techniques also give effective ways to ensure a meaningful, memorable experience that will stick with them.

Aspects of this program are used on the corporate level but the primary design is for students. Prompted by the shootings in some schools, a request came in last year from a school system in Michigan. We had 400 kids energized and POWERed UP! Then the tour went ot a group of Student Councils in Illinois.

The basic idea is that we can have ULTIMATE POWER anytime we want it. We constantly exchange our energy with others. Some are ENERGY CONSUMERS and can suck the life out of us, if we allow them to. They can power us into making decisions (drugs, money, gangs, sex, etc.) that really aren't good for us. We become someone else's person, instead of our own. In the POWER UP TOUR, we get participants in touch with who they really are and their relationship with teachers, parents and peers. They come out with greater control and sense of responsibility for their own happiness... to know they are a GREAT, LOVING, PRODUCTIVE person capable of everything they ever desired! The only limits are self-imposed based on fears.

This is a fun, exciting and honest approach which could lead to someone opening up. Sometimes, in just hearing similar problems and concerns, pressures of life can be minimized. There is constant stimulation during this event to keep their attention through games, music, dancing and a ton of participation. The electric drum "show" is a real hit with young folks as well as other goodies such as "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", the "Rap-UP", "Soap-UP", all customized for the group. This program is perfect for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges or any youth group looking to POWER UP!

Rick's business background and proven creative selling is an added plus for sales training. With 30 years of management and sales training know-how, he will use these people skills to achieve maximum results.


Rick will tailor a program to your needs. You may have specific points you want to relate to your group or increased interaction for more individual attention. You may opt for a variation of this informative/entertaining blend, so give Rick the information and he will create a custom program! It will always be humorous, interesting and, of course, FUN! Discover your "SELF IDENTIFIERS," "ENERGY CONSUMERS" and learn to speak "FINE LANGUAGE"... techniques that you can use instantly, in all facets of your life. Rick's inventive use of humor, music, hats and props will stick in your mind and leave you with a lasting impression. His electrifying, spontaneous style is contagious and you'll walk out energized and revitalized. You'll laugh, learn and grow with this uplifting look inside your head, as we head to the next thousand years!

HEADS UP! will be a big hit for your next event... sure to make a lasting impression.

HEADS UP! offers video sessions, custom audio for goal orientation and related services.

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