Hey, science is catching up with what many of us have known for quite some time. That in many cases, we first react from our emotions before logic, reason or any other "sense" takes hold. "They" actually found the part of the brain that reacts first!! This is why "E.Q." can be so much more important than "I.Q." But your "Emotional Quotient" may not be as easy to calculate, however. I measure it in H.P.S. (Heart Per Soul). If you look at the root of many emotional reactions, it's an outward signal for attention of some sort - perhaps the love that the person has been lacking at some time in their existence. It's a basic human need, LOVE...and many of us don't know how to get it or give it because we're not even sure if we have it (many times sub-consciously). What is it, really?

Is it some sort of secure feeling? Well if it's security, won't we get that from money or mate? But those things can come and go. The one constant is the relationship we have with ourselves. Could that be love? I feel we are all little children running around in big bodies - playing this game and trying to win each encounter with life, searching for what we need... we think it's certain "things." We attach ourselves to these external things, which we think is what we should do. We were innocent in our juvenile days - no winning or losing, we just were. Life was simple and fun. Then we're exposed to all the shoulds and have tos and the poop hits the fan! Parents, friends, radios, TV's, computers... soon we're a product of what "They" want us to be. We feel low and inferior because we think we lack something. What if we had what we needed all along, but just didn't know it? Wow!! But wait, we feel secure in these habits and fears... we need them to survive! Popycock... Balderdash... you have a choice, don't forget you're a H.I.T. (Human In Training).

It was an uphill battle all the way, primarily due to a severe Brain Disorder. Ya know the expression, I need that like a need a hole in my head. Well I have a couple of 'em, sort of. It's a little complicated, but the experts say in most cases it leads people to a life of despair including addictions, crime, even suicide. I have really defied the odds!! I found even more evidence that you cannot fully love yourself or others, if there is any inner turmoil.

This is what I have done and it works. Cleared out the crap, yea I "Mental Flossed" on a regular basis. Reduced fear and negativity, and found more love and peace right inside myself. With many of us it lay there dormant, like a volcano of bliss ready to explode. We first have to be reminded that it is there and then uncover the junk that lays on top. Of course this takes (that dirty word) change! But change is good, C.H.A.N.G.E. Can-Help-Accept-New-Growing-Experiences. Change is how we learn. A 14 year educational experience resulted in my graduating from a distinguished learning institution. I'm a graduate of Divorce U. - the tuition was very high, but that's the price you pay for a good education. Sometimes it takes a traumatic experience and a lot of pain to learn. We are a product of everything we have been exposed to until this very moment. That is who we are! When you become aware of this about yourself and others, an entire new adventure begins. Your perception of events changes. That is what our life really is, how we perceive everything! And to accept the fact that you're never really "Set For Life" until you're Set For Love!

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